Interkular Kiez

website and an interactive city map

interkular website

In my kiez interkular does some great work for the community. Headed by Nina and Dominik, they offer courses, neighborhood help and integration support. To raise awareness and to get in touch with the locals they made a new webpage. Of course I agreed to this job and made a state of the art WP5 page with and used Adobe Animate to create animated elements. The page is responsive and has advanced functionality such as registered users, easy blogging and event calendar.

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Likewise, I also created this little map of the area – the Kiezplan. Every object is hand drawn and then colored and arranged with Illustrator. It is a representation of the diversity of the community and a good orientation to find places of interest.


Our latest step was to create a interactive website for the map. You can explore the area and read interesting stories about your neighborhood.

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